16Dec 2017

London Mistress V – Body Worship

London Mistress

If you are scrupulously clean and completely submissive and respectful to Me, I may, at My discretion, allow you to worship My body. I genuinely thoroughly having My perfect arse and pussy worshipped by the willing mouth and tongue of a slave who has pushed his limits for Me. This is not a right of yours. It is a privilege, to be earned, and I decide if you have earned it.

Beg for it. And tell Me what you will do to try to earn it.

London Mistress V

16Dec 2017

London Mistress V – Hard Sports

London Mistress

I love hard sports. It can be consensual, or by prior arrangement with yourself, it can be enforced. To Me, hard sports is the ultimate form of submission. That in itself sets you apart from other slaves and submissives and I find it a massive turn-on.

Be aware that if you request enforced hard sports, I WILL enforce it! Be careful what you ask for. London Mistress V always keeps to Her word.

Hard sports can be carried out using a toilet box, or I can feed it to you, so you can look into My eyes while you eat My caviar. Your humiliation and degradation will be thoroughly enjoyed by Me.

London Mistress V

11Dec 2017

London Mistress V – working from a Script

London Mistress

Unlike many Mistresses, I will work from a script. Why? Because you are spending your hard earned money to satisfy your deepest fantasies, and it is up to Me to ensure that your fantasies are realised in the best possible way.

I am interested in just about every facet of BDSM and Fetish, so feel free to send your scripts to Me when you book your session with Me.

Bear in mind that although I will work from a script, I am in charge – totally!

To book a London session with Me, click here

London Mistress V

09Dec 2017

London Mistress V – a Testimonial from slave


I met London Mistress V at The Serpent Rooms, which is near to Seven Sisters tube station. The premises are well equipped, with a dungeon, bedroom with bondage equipment and a padded wrestling room.  Our session took place in the dungeon.

Partly due to Mistress V’s excellent reputation, and partly due to her huge repertoire of BDSM and Fetish interests, I decided to book a 2 hour session, so I could get the full benefit of Mistress V’s expertise.  Great decision!  We had the most exquisite needle play session I’ve ever experienced, followed by foot worship and caning.  I was thoroughly warmed up before the caning and Mistress V promised me a reward if I took some extra hard strokes for her. My reward was well worth taking the extra hard strokes for!

Mistress V is highly intelligent and dedicated to providing the maximum, sustained pleasure.

My understanding is that Mistress V will be coming to London roughly once a month.  I’ve already booked my session for her next visit on January 9th next year.